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Real Parenting is a four week course for parents of children from birth up to the end of primary school age. The course helps you to build positive relationships and find greater happiness in your family life. Courses are running across the UK, with more added all the time.


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About us

Real Parenting has been developed by Spurgeons, a 150 year old charity that counsels children and supports parents. Motivated by a strong desire to help more families thrive, Spurgeons has put their decades of mental health and family support experience to good use. ‘Real Parenting’ equips community leaders such as churches and other organisations to deliver safe, effective parent support in local groups.

What is ‘‘Real Parenting’’?

A series of workshops for parents to share their struggles and explore practical solutions, helping you to build positive relationships and find greater happiness in your family life.

The course is designed for parents of babies, toddlers and children of primary school age.

Over four short sessions, the community leader will share short engaging videos, facilitate lively group discussions and give simple, effective tips and guidance to help you get the best from your children and enjoy being a parent.

When the workshops are complete you will also be given the opportunity to stay connected with your local group, your community facilitator and the wider Spurgeons digital family hub online, so if you do want more support, we will still be here for you.

Why ‘Real’?

There are too many parenting courses out there that do not acknowledge just how hard parenting really is. Real Parenting aims to keep things real. We are not striving for perfection; we know the immense challenges that parents face and we never judge.

Spurgeons partners with schools, local authorities and other organisations to support some of the most vulnerable families in society. We do that with compassion, understanding and care as we believe being in a trusted, safe space is the only way we can all grow and become the best version of ourselves.

Real is also an acronym which illustrates our approach to parenting; Realistic, Empowering, Accessible and Loving.

What do I do now?

If you’d like to help your children to be the very best version of themselves, and feel happier as a parent too, then get involved. Search for your nearest course and sign up.


  • It is completely free of charge.
  • You will be made to feel welcome and supported.
  • You can make new friends and connections.
  • You will see a difference in your children’s behaviour and your own wellbeing.

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