Real Parenting Program Safeguarding Expectations

The Real Parenting Program has its focus on supporting families and it is therefore paramount that any organisation with responsibility for its facilitation understands their responsibilities for the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. This links to the responsibilities of anyone who works with children and/or vulnerable adults set out in the statutory guidance Working Together to Safeguard Children and The Care Act 2014.


It is the responsibility of the organisation sponsoring the Real Parenting course to ensure they have adhered to any requirements under legislation related to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. This would include requirements such as having a Designated Safeguarding Lead in place, access to safeguarding training, ensuring staff are aware of safeguarding procedures and having suitable policies and procedures in place.


We would also recommend that Ambassadors who volunteer to run the course are appointed in line with best practice and with consideration to safer recruitment requirements including obtaining:

  1. 2 references
  2. Full employment history with no gaps
  3. Enhanced DBS checks


Spurgeons is unable to provide safeguarding oversight for the Real Parenting Programme and we would advise any organisation running this course to ensure they have appropriate safeguarding procedures in place.


If at any time the Ambassadors or the Safeguarding Lead for the organisation have concerns that a child or adult is at risk then they must contact their relevant  local authority safeguarding team.


By ticking the box in the signup form you are confirming you have read these terms and understand that Spurgeons cannot be held responsible for any safeguarding issues that might arise. Please take the time to ensure that adequate safeguarding procedures are in place for your organisation to ensure the wellbeing of children, carers and volunteers.